Okamoto Big Boy 8s
Okamoto Big Boy 8s

Okamoto Big Boy 8s



    We know that one size does not fit all. And we know how uncomfortable it can get when you try to get yourself into a tight squeeze, literally.

    Enter Okamoto Big Boy. It is made 5mm larger in diameter to allow for a more comfortable fit/experience for those of you with a bigger package.

    Set the sheets on fire…
    Our endless hours of research have resulted in Sheerlon™ that is thinner and stronger than any other condom.

    The strength and durability of Sheerlon™ enable Okamoto® condoms to be much thinner than ordinary latex condoms, providing unmatched sensitivity so you get a silkier, more “bareback” feel, reliability and comfort that makes it a breeze to rise to the occasion.

    Look Ma, no smell!
    Manufacturing technology unique to Okamoto® has also allowed the removal of the strong rubbery latex smell found in other condoms.



    Detailed Specs
    Color Coloured
    Shape Reservoir-ended
    Nominal Width 57±2mm–54±2mm
    Normal Length 185±10mm
    8's Box Weight 30g
    Made in Japan to ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.

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